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  1. July 14th, drinking more than @Elderpooter. Not that it's a competition though.
  2. Kronic 7


    Not sure if this is Lil Swagz from my time in SF?
  3. Kronic 7

    New recruit

    Welcome glad to have you in Rapture bruv if you have any questions feel free to ask me!
  4. Kronic 7

    Best Superhero Movie

    What's everyone's favorite superhero movie? Doesn't necessarily have to be DC or Marvel, just has to be superhero movie. I'd have to say mine is probably Captain America: Civil War.
  5. Kronic 7

    Marvel or DC?

    Agreed DC TV shows blow Marvels out of the water, but Marvel movies are way better than DC.
  6. Kronic 7

    Favourite TV show of all time?

    I'd have to go with Arrow with Mr. Robot being a very close second.
  7. Kronic 7

    Best Superhero Movie

    Civil War shook things up a bit that's for sure. Deadpool was utterly hilarious to say the least, excited for the second one.
  8. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    Hey KSI, most of you don't know me or will remember me, but I was KSI Kr0nic 7 back in my KSI days of 2008-2012. I was in the SF division for most of my "tenure" where I worked my way through the ranks to become Division leader. Anyways, I figured I'd hop back on the forums to take a trip down memory lane, and see what modern day KSI members are up to these days since obviously so much has changed. My gamertag these days is: Not Camaro if you guys wanna add me on XBL!
  9. Kronic 7

    How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    My original KSI tag was KSI Kr0nic and I thought Chronic sounded cool so I "added my own flare to it" and made it my tag. My gamertag now is Not Camaro, because my first car was a 95 Camaro.
  10. Kronic 7

    Favorite NHL Team

    Philadelphia Flyers.
  11. Kronic 7

    Beer n tequila

    Beer can't do tequila.
  12. Kronic 7

    Fav games?

    Halo 2, Black Ops 2, Banjo Kazooie and Tooie, SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain, DragonBall Z Budokai 3, Spyro (all games), NFL Street, All the NBA Street games.
  13. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    One of these nights we all need to get on and play some games.
  14. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    Out of the 4 divisions I was in, SF and FS were always my favorites. Met some really cool people in both of those divs.
  15. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    Thankfully I can make much better sigs now, but haven't actually made a sig in like 2 years lol.
  16. Kronic 7

    What's your real job?

    Currently a line cook, but looking for to find a new career path.
  17. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    There's probably one or two accounts on here that have sigs that I made for them before I even had photoshop. Just imagine very awful signatures made by a lazy 16 year old kid.
  18. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    Wish I still had my old sigs :'(
  19. Kronic 7

    Favorite Athlete

    My favorite athlete is Allen Iverson. Favorite current active athlete is a toss up between Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving.
  20. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    I made your signature fool. DUN DUN DUN. And that guy Megatron was something else to say the least...
  21. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    True, I miss the good ole days and some of the great leaders. The leaders and staff KSI currently has in place are just fine and probably do a great job, but I can't help but wanna go back in time to the early days of my KSI history.
  22. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    I was an underclassmen in high school back then, so of course it was. It was just something to entertain us. I also just relaized I have no awards on these forums when I know I've accomplished some of the things. Oh well.
  23. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    Soo much fun, soo much drama.
  24. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    You did! It was an effort to try to revitalize FS loved that Div too. Was a close second to SF in my book.
  25. Kronic 7

    Hello old friend.

    Let's Haven't heard anything about that character in awhile he was something else that's for sure.