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  1. KSI Vanilla 7

    KSI xEcstasy DNH appeal form

    You understood prior to and after doing so that you were violating #10 CoC (child ****ography)? Let it be stated to the courts that the Testimony of the witness that ecstasy has called upon will be remained private through out this proceeding.
  2. KSI Vanilla 7

    KSI xEcstasy DNH appeal form

    This is a case of low integrity more than anything. 1. You were dnhed back in April. Four months later you gave grown in character? 2. Have you made amends with the individual that was affected by this? Because honestly no matter what our decision is, the real problem lies with the ones life you have affected. 3. How am I to believe that this type of behavior will not arise in the future? 4. This community has opened its arms to you and allowed you to be leadership once before and you have placed a smudge on the name. What are you doing to do to fix this wrong? Why should we take you back?
  3. KSI Vanilla 7

    KSI_ShyPanda DNH Appeal

    At this time @KSI Fall3n has been called to testify as a witness to this incident.
  4. KSI Vanilla 7

    KSI_ShyPanda DNH Appeal

    You were DNH'ed by @Elderpooter on 6/11/19. @KSI POSEIDON 7 is stepping down to be a witness in this case due to his involvement. I will take his place. @KSI ShyPanda give me more specifics of the incident. Who was the major? What how do you feel you have changed in just a month and a half? Why did you leave on your own terms and return so soon?
  5. KSI Vanilla 7

    Pxrtr’s Appeal

    Alright @Pxrtr I can see alot of the allegations in the evidence shown. I see the disrespect not towards the members in the squad but I do see it towards a leader of this community when you were messaging Titan. However in saying this you did admit to "calling someone out" (which isn't your place)I see admittance to guilt of poaching in that conversation as well. I see an admittance to knowingly breaking chain of command. With that being said there isn't anything left that you can argue. All that's left now is admitting to this panel of judges your guilt and taking responsibility of your actions. Until such is done we can't move forward.
  6. KSI Vanilla 7

    Pxrtr’s Appeal

    Use this format to appeal; ******************************************* Your Name: Official KSI Rank at time of removal: Name of Leader(s) that removed/banned you: Date of being removed/banned: Reason for being Removed/Banned: Current status(squad or clan you are in): Witnesses wished to be called: Contact information (NO PHONE NUMBERS): End goal if your appeal is on your side: Detailed description of what happened: *****************************************
  7. KSI Vanilla 7

    Pxrtr’s Appeal

    Alright @Pxrtr Im here to tell you that this case will not even be considered for appeal until you post using the proper form. Please don't post here again until you have done so.
  8. KSI Vanilla 7

    KSI McMatt 7

    My apologies I hit a bump in the introduction and then you lost me. Did you say you were a div lead and then a founder? Did you get demoted?
  9. KSI Vanilla 7

    Application Dates for Website Positions?

    Alright @KSI Security X That list is out of date. Several of those positions are filled. We have an open app for internal affairs however we don't seem to have much of a need for it right now with the present work load. We will look at filling it at a later date. Other than that nothing you have listed is either open for app or has already been filled, some have been filled a while ago.
  10. KSI Vanilla 7

    Starting up a Div.

    What's mk11 or sc6? WWE and NBA are super fun games but they aren't conducive games for a platform to grow on. Also they aren't very friendly in terms of online squad play I wouldn't say.
  11. KSI Vanilla 7

    Application for Education Director

    1. Do you have any past experience in education, in gaming or in real life? Ran several workshops, participated in FTLA, I'm a correctional supervisor who trains and educates staff on a daily basis. 2. What are your ideal qualities that a teacher or instructor should have? Knowledge, patience, understanding, and perseverance. 3. What do you think some of the most effective ways of teaching are? Knowledge gained through action. You can teach someone something in a class room, but if you don't walk them through it and have them do it themselves then there will always be questions to be asked. 4. How can an Education Department be effective to a online gaming community like KSI? As the first letter in KSI stands for knowledge, it would only make since for an education department to be a foundation for the community. Knowledge is power and we are growing this community to be the Beacon of light it once was and so much more. Allowing all the opportunity too attend regular workshops/seminars/leadership development classes offered through such. Competion of training could be documented and recorded by the education director and be used as a resume builder for those wishing to promote. Classes offered by the education department have always been geared towards the community but there are also many real world lessons to be learned as well. As we pride ourselves on quality and not quantity it only makes since that we invest in our family. 5. What is your prior leadership experience? Currently lead, train, educate and defend 67 correctional officers on a daily basis. Prior to currently being a lieutenant in rapture I have prior experience outside of the squad level developing, maintaining, and helping flourish the revenged souls & rebellious empire divisions back in 2009 and 2010. 6. Why do you think you'd be a good selection for this position? I enjoy training those that have a passion to excel. I have an extreme patience for those that require a slower approach. I have a fine understanding for those that have a different way of thinking. 7. How long have you been in KSI, what is your highest achieved rank and what is your current rank? 2007-2013 somewhere in there achieved the rank of director before leaving to attend Sam Houston State University in the pursuit of a Criminal Justice degree. Rejoined KSI in 2015 and ever since then have been apart of both the Playstation and Xbox divisions having been an officer in each of the 3 squads in 2 divisions that I've been apart of. Overseen several squad/division splits over my time and learned alot from several great leaders and some not so great leaders, however all have something to learn from that better an individual. 8. Name two workshops that would most benefit the community and explain why you picked them. Leadership development- teach current and future leaders how to effectively manage staff both in the community and in the real world. Recruitment workshop- teach staff how to effectively recruit members into KSI. 9. What responsibilities do you envision the Education Director having and what do you think I should be looking for in a Education Director? Ensuring the completion of all scheduled workshops and trainings he/she sets forth by the educators. Maintaining records on all members that complete a workshop. Maintain constant communication with the executive director and creator as well as the board in regards to any educational trainings they fill should be added as a reactionary procedure for an event that had taken place requiring additional training. I believe the education director should be someone that wishes to create and constantly evolve the education department.
  12. October 4th and I'm going to be doing one of two things depending on whether or not I have to do the first or not, 1. Working or 2. Going snow skiing.
  13. im back if anyone needs assistance im always on from 9am-4pm and 12pm-3am

  14. im back if anyone needs assistance im always on from 9am-4pm and 12pm-3am