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  1. PeeOhDeeEh


    oh, and I helped create the security team with cooter and rex. I helped bring down a lot of enemy clans. I have been blacklisted a few times as well. Not for anything too bad, but once it was directly by Se7en, that mean mean guy lol. I have a lot of old history if anyone is curious. Would love to share some stories
  2. PeeOhDeeEh


    you should, i was div leader when cruser was a cofounder lol I guess i never really put my old name. I'm KSI Podakilla
  3. PeeOhDeeEh


    I have been here longer than almost everyone on this site. Have done/seen a lot. Weird seeing this place still exists lol.
  4. What is this KSI you speak of?

  5. Need to talk to you Bill.

  6. Happy Birthday, Mike! :)

  7. Happy Birthday buddy!! <3

  8. yo! wow i see how it is..wont even say hi? hmmm =[ god ur so mean poda!!

  9. oh em gee... you are so cute! this is the first time ie seen your pic!

  10. I must agree with ashley on this one. The sig is aweful :o

  11. hey mikey can i get the link for this sig of urs..ha ha i'll just post it like that..i like how it is ryt now...thnx

  12. whats cracking boy? we about to bring FA all the way man,we just need to get me back onto live so that i can bring in like ten recruites a day lol

  13. wudup son!!!!!!!!!! we need to do more dubs lol, that was fun .

  14. i really need to talk to you or rex please message me or something when you have time!