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  1. Open door policy::: I am telling you,  chief and senior judge of KSI,  that I have been a victim of another KSI member's violation of code of conduct.


    I wish to press charges against him. 

  2. Crusader 7

    Verbal Court Appeal Form

    Verbal Court Appeal Form Please copy and paste this form into a new topic. Name of Appealing Member: Age: Rank and Squad: Name of leader who issued punishment: Names of all witnesses: Dates and Times which you are available between 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm: Very detailed description of what happened: Contact information: (No phone numbers) Created by KSI Crusader 7 - Chief Justice of KSI
  3. Crusader 7

    Admin Request Box

    why not keep the old one ?
  4. Crusader 7

    KSI Court Appeal Form

    Please create a new topic including this form completely filled out. The title should be "(Your Name) DnH/Blacklist/Banned Appeal". Your case will be processed AFTER this is completed. Please explain the situation in as much detail as you can and as fluent as you can. PLEASE BE PATIENT, YOUR APPEAL WILL BE PROCESSED ASAP Your Name: Official KSI Rank at time of removal: Name of Leader(s) that removed/banned you: Date of being removed/banned: Reason for being Removed/Banned: Current status(squad or clan you are in): Witnesses wished to be called: Contact information (NO PHONE NUMBERS): End goal if your appeal is on your side: Detailed description of what happened: Created by KSI Crusader 7 - Chief Justice *Original post credited to Big 40 and Spider
  5. feeling tired *yawn*