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  1. Crusader 7

    Verbal Appeals - Coming soon

    Board has approved for cases to be allowed verbally. We will be establishing guidelines and systems soon.
  2. Crusader 7

    KSI Courts Overhaul Announcement

    sorry not looking to go to the roots, doing it much differently. Didn't know HB did that.
  3. Crusader 7

    Internal Affairs Record Keeper Application

    sorry been MIA, finals week. will review the apps and get back to ya,
  4. Crusader 7

    KSI Courts Overhaul Announcement

    This wont always be available, only if all judges assigned to the case can be present. But will definitely make things faster
  5. Crusader 7

    KSI Courts Overhaul Announcement

    Reason it was always done by text is for documentation and transparency purposes. Making sure everyone is being held accountable for what is being said. With the record feature in Discord, we can now do voice hearing if the member chooses so. Posting hearings will still be available, especially if all parties cannot be present at the same time and have enough time for it.
  6. Hello KSI, Crusader here, Chief Justice of KSI. I am announcing a couple changes coming to the courts. Live Trials! I will be designing a new way to appeal a case. Instead of posting back and forth, we will allow arguments to be heard live in discord. These hearing will be recorded and posted publicly for transparency and documentation purposes. By the end of the month i will post up the full system. I expect this to go live by late November. Statute of limitations! The board is debating a new rule when it comes to appealing. Statute of limitations. This will implement a rule that will only allow a certain amount of time from the action taken against you to come to us to appeal. Final verdict will be announced once we decide. This will only give you a specific amount of time allowed for you to come to us and appeal. No more waiting 5 years to appeal with the hope no one remembers you. New judge assignment systeam I will now be assigning judges to cases to mix things up as well as not overwhelm the appealing member. A senior judges will be selected to lead the case, along with 2 associate judges and myself. Please post your feedback on the two announcements above, as well as any future things you would like seen done with the courts. The world is evolving and we need to evolve with it. We are always striving to modernize KSI, so let us know what are your thoughts. Announcement: I will be posting up an application topic to decide on 3 new judges. If you think you have the qualities KSI is looking for in a judge, apply and try your luck! Updated 10/26/2018
  7. Right now there is only a squad on ps4.
  8. Sup guys, Just opening this up to discussion. These will mainly be used for heroic raiding but doesnt hurt to start discussion now. Tank Roles: Undecided Healer Roles: MadDogKrazy - Tank Healer Motionz - Raid Healer Cecelius - Raid Healer From reading the journal, here are a couple abilities we need to look out for. Cudgel of Gore - Raid wide damage, Tank Debuff at 100 energy. Less dmg the further they take it. Room is a circle, we will fight both at north end and take debuff to south of the room. use explosion to clean patches on floor. Plasma Discharge - Personal Debuff, Drops blood storm on ground. Lets keep this organized and clean. Stack all debuff at south end of the room. Will continue through intermission Defensive Beam - Line Damage Stay out of it. Volatile Droplets - Explosive add upon reaching a player. Could be dpsed down or could be intercepted Depending on dps we will see how we decide to handle this. Give me your feedback guys.
  9. Crusader 7

    Recognition Tab

    It's not a bad idea. How would you suggest it work? How will the format be?
  10. Crusader 7


    who is talking down to their members? we do nothing but praise them for all their hard work. you sir are trying way too hard lol. FYI PC just opened, World of warcraft guild going very well with a nice 45ish members and a 15man raid team, drop by our stream on satuday to watch us =). PS4 & Xbox are rocking it. Those members work very hard. So enough with the hating and go take your negativity somewhere else. =)
  11. Crusader 7

    Admin Request Box

    why not keep the old one ?
  12. Crusader 7


    what he said ^ lol
  13. Crusader 7


    they dont need to remember where it started, they do not need to look to the past because all that matters is the present and future and honestly, they do not care. We could look at all the games we want. Unless there is a group of leaders to start the squad, its not going to happen. with the old leadership gone, hand out are gone too. everyone here works for what they have. If you wanna be part of that, as i said join a squad as a sgt and work your way up. if not have a nice day and i wish you the best in finding a clan that best suites your needs.
  14. Crusader 7


    maybe, maybe not. Right now the team of leaders on PS4 are rocking it. maybe a handful of former members and everyone else new. They are the reason PS4 is alive right now and rocking it. sorry im not going to let you try to take credit away from them. As i said you are welcome to join another squad, help out as much as you can and work your way back up and maybe the division leader will allow you to buld a squad based around the game you play. We do not hand out squads or divisions anymore. Everyone in place right now came back as a sgt and worked their way up.
  15. Crusader 7


    but that is why there are many clans out there. When you join a clan, you join because there is something there you like. why would you join a clan where no one plays the game you like? for that you could just chill on here or discord and talk with other members while you go find a clan that does have your game. I agree, it does alienate, but we alienate thousands of players in the gaming world because we just dont have the leaders to support all those games. When a division leader finds a group of people who can say lead a halo squad then one will be open. Right now i run the PC division, there are literally thousands of games i could be supporting but i do not have that kind of man power. its as simple as that. you join a clan because it works for you, not the other way around.