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  1. phobiia left wow srry oops

  2. hey rusty i became cofo of FL since you left i transferred to FL but i heard you were wanting to go back to element but they said no so you could always go to my division it would be great to have you there we got taken over by VGK or BYOB so yeah theres not alot of the same people in element anymore booger's new name is KSI FLEX 777and Phobiia left. it would be nice to hear from u again.

  3. hey anyone in sr want to chill and talk

  4. hey anyone in sr want to chill and talk

  5. Well... Lookie here... where the heck u been Mr? Its been a while since i've seen u.. Hope all is well.. Hit me up sumtime stranger.. Hey my new tag is KSI Lady Psycho