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  1. nifty. I had no idea. :]

  2. I recognize your picture. You're forrest, right?

  3. U added MOi on myspace

  4. do you hav messenger

  5. your birthday is da same as mine lol

  6. UHHH YEAH! Freakin' just had a bag last night.

  7. they make chedder chex mix? wtf? what else haven't I been told about?

  8. I shall whip all those who are grammatically insufficient with economy-sized bags of Cheddar Chex Mix.

  9. oh those people don't know any better. I just correct them. :] thursday I was playing scrabble in my food & nut. class and someone tried to spell thear. I was like, wtf. lol. :]

  10. I absolutely hate people who use the wrong word when typing (they're, you're, your, there, etc).

  11. I could tell you. It bugs me too, but not as bad as the people who TyPe LiEk DiiS. god that freaking annoys me.