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  1. Admin Request Box.

    Game youre awesome man, thanks.
  2. Admin Request Box.

    Can we change the color of my name to something other than pink, or whatever color it is.
  3. Site Building

    I can tell you that no one is going to help you or answer your questions. However as you are currently being annoying about it, look that the bottom of each page. There is a hint as to what we use, you can google from there. Bye now.
  4. PC div?

    No, because no one wants to do one.
  5. Why Riot why, the skin is there, let me buy it own it already. I gave you my money months ago for it.

  6. Something goes here, right?

  7. woohooo how are you?

  8. Finally updating this.

  9. Finally updating this.

  10. Well then get on more.

  11. don't play with you enough :P

  12. Why am I not on your favorites list.