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  1. KSI ulgy mom

    I would like

    If I may, the privilege of joining yalls elite, plus ultra gaming group. My gt is back to KSI ulgy mom 7 (fun times)
  2. KSI ulgy mom

    4th Season of Highschool DxD in 6 DAYS!!!

    The grabin dragon
  3. KSI ulgy mom

    Top 5 perverts?

    Issei Hyoudou: DxD
  4. KSI ulgy mom

    Anime and Manga Recommendations

    Devilman Crybaby
  5. KSI ulgy mom

    Anime and Manga Recommendations

    Dont rope me into that group
  6. KSI ulgy mom

    Looking for anime to watch

    Ill look into it. I just finished Durarara, so Im looking for something new to watch.
  7. KSI ulgy mom

    Looking for anime to watch

    Dont skip the others because you just want lots of fighting. The others have it, but they also have a really good plot. Everything I mentioned is in my opinion on par with Gurren Lagann, AoT and FMA.
  8. KSI ulgy mom

    Looking for anime to watch

    Kill La Kill is fast and action packed, thats what Trigger is known for. Akame Ga Kill is also pretty fast. Id start with Assassination Classroom, by far one of the best Animes Ive watched in a long time. Once you finish that go on to Kill La Kill.
  9. KSI ulgy mom

    Best Studying Music?

    Classical is best
  10. KSI ulgy mom

    Looking for anime to watch

    My list for you: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans Gundam 00 Assassination Classroom Kill La Kill Akame Ga Kill Durarara/Durarara X2 (Both one anime, funimation has all 60 under Durarara) Highschool DxD (Crap tons of fanservice/ecchi. It gets annoying but the real plot is cool) Id watch Assassination Classroom then move onto Durarara. Just as a note, Durarara has a lot going on, and I mean a lot. Watch the first 24 episodes, or at least the first 12 to 16. You'll get hooked on it, its well written and made. Highschool DxD is pretty midless, but can get be good at times. Kill La Kill is Trigger, so its good. Akame Ga Kill is good, goes pretty fast. Both Gundams are your typical Gundam animes, fighting robots with a plot that has a meaning at the end of it.
  11. KSI ulgy mom

    New computer case

    I use mine all the time for gaming.
  12. KSI ulgy mom

    Broken link

    This link keeps refreshing. As far as I know it does not stop. http://forums.ksiglobal.com/topic/92180-christian-gamers-general-chat/#entry1231637 Do not click on this
  13. KSI ulgy mom


    Yeah, I was in AK47 and Honor with Calysta as the Gen. Think was was back in 06.
  14. KSI ulgy mom

    New computer case

    Im poor, I cant have nice things.