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    I'm a lover of PIKACHU. I'm 19 year old college student. I'm not gonn lie it sucks butt. I'm a great friend, fun to chat with, and cuter then a button<3. +ADD ME+

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  1. hello i saw u visited my profile

  2. hey there... just stopping by to say whats up..

  3. i wish that the stauts was changed

  4. Foot Halo maybe? xD And what's with your status?

  5. yeah...

    I really cant play it i suck at boom boom rocket on the xbox

    how n the hell will i ever play GH


    Im only good at DDR and thats it... cause its with my feet haha

    my hands are retarded at games


  6. Sweeetnesss


    U dont have to do it tomorow if your that bussy =] when ever is fine ill be patient


  7. im gunna try and get your sig done tomorrow, i hope. i have football and hockey like all day so if im not to exhausted ill hook u up.

  8. I'd be happy to teach you how it's done, should you find the funds. :)

  9. Woot Woot.

    I win lol.

    =] Thanks

  10. wow.... i dnt like turtles anymore...

  11. Thats cool.

    I dnt have Guitar Hero lol Ive only played it never XD

  12. I am fine thanks :) It was an interesting name, I just couldn't resist, haha.

  13. eah, i've played halo. Not too good at it, but i've played it.