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  1. I was born and raised in Dubai, but i am currently living in USA.

  2. Dude you live in the UAE? I'm in Abu Dhabi right now! xD

  3. Have fun on your vacation dude :)

    Also (though this is pretty late) Congrats on Ranking-up to "SERGEANT OF THE MASTER SERGEANTS MOST IMPORTANT PERSON OF EXTREME SERGEANTS TO THE MAX"

  4. thanx bro.....ive been waiting forever.....i watched 1-4 like 3-4 times already

  5. Break blade 5 & 6 are out and should be subbed soon.

  6. have to watch this. for some reason it reminds me of u
  7. no... but forget it. if FNF ends at 2:00AM then theres no way i can participate.

  8. Platypus invited me for his mw2 team already...do u have a mw2 team also?

  9. hey if u need a FNF team mate ill be on it. I would like to

  10. KSI Blade VII


    Just random pix
  11. f*** school....im done with this sh**

  12. gonna buy some ms points.... change my gamertag...

  13. classes are so boring today... :(