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  1. Kered 7


    I didn't want to beat around the bush with this or play for suspense. As the title of the article says, I will be officially retiring in May 2019 and will not be seeking re-election for Executive Director. I have been apart of this community in some capacity for a little over 12 years. It's been one hell of ride. I have gained so much from this community and it's members over the years. So much so that I can honestly say that KSI has played a huge role in developing me into the person I am and the leader I am in the real world. In my time I've established friendships that have lasted for more than a decade and have had the privilege to work with some of the best leaders this community has ever seen. From being a General in Homicide SS, to being Executive Director KSI has helped me create memories and lessons that I will carry with me through the rest of my life. KSI has also been there for me in some pretty dark points in my life, and to be able to rely on my friends and fellow members during those periods is a gift I'll never be able to truly pay back. This community has been my home since I first got an original X-Box and it gave me the best possible gaming experience I can ask for. Prior to this re-build JT, Poot and I had a very defined vision of what we wanted this community to be. It was finally my chance to make KSI the community it always had the potential to be. We wanted a community that was as drama free as possible, a relaxed and enjoyable environment for our members, a leadership base that reflected all the great qualities a leader should have, quality over quantity and putting our people in the best spot for them to succeed and by extension putting the community in the best position to succeed. We had a few stumbles out of the gate as we tried to get our bearings. There was a period where we thought we were just going to be the harbingers of another stagnate, failed era. 8 months in and that could be further from the truth. With the amazing level of hard work from the Board, Elderpoot, Division and Department Leadership and the member base, KSI is more than on it's way to enjoying the greatest era in our history. Drama is practically non-existent when compared to prior generations. We have a group of leaders that are everything we look for in a new wave of innovative leadership. Our member count continues to grow without sacrificing quality. We have cultivated an environment that encourages hard work and drive from our leaders and members as well as maintaining a positive gaming experience for everyone in KSI. It is because of all these things, and more, that I feel comfortable to finally retire for good. The community is in great and capable hands. Our future is bright thanks to all the members and leaders that are in place. Our success isn't dependent on any one person, but rather dependent on all of you guys working together for the same goals. I just think it's time for me to step back and not get in the way of the new generation of membership. We need leaders at the top that still have that fire to be the best they can possibly be strictly because they want to see this community grow and not because they care about titles or power. I will be nominating KSI Elderpooter 7 as my replacement for Executive Director. The Board will vote on the this in May and I have full confidence that Pooter will be this communities next top guy. You gals and guys couldn't ask for a better candidate. Poot has almost single handedly represented the Senior Leadership of KSI and has done so flawlessly. His vision for KSI is even greater than mine. He has seen our potential and over the past couple months has moved heaven and earth to put us in our current position. He will continue to be one of the major factors of our continued success. There's not one other person that I would entrust this community to and KSI is in great hands with Poot at the helm. It's been fun guys, KSI Kered 7
  2. Kered 7

    Application for Education Director

    As posted on Discord, this application is going to the first step in the process of me selecting our new Education Director. it is the last vacant position on the Executive Staff and arguably one of the most important positions in the community. JT and I have a detailed vision on what we want the education department to be. Above all else we want it to be an effective source of knowledge and learning to the members of the community. Education is backbone of any organized group of people, more so in a gaming community. So with that being said, that is why I'm selecting the Education Director in this manner. The ability to teach and manage well isn't dictated, for the most part, by age or rank. What I'm looking for in a Education Director is simple. The ability to properly articulate information in a training environment in a way to have the best possible retention of knowledge. Able to manage a department and all the responsibilities that come with that. Intuitive and forward thinking when it comes to coming up with new ways to train the member base. And a X-factor to be determined by JT, Pooter, and myself. So, let's get this started. This application will be open for one week. Answer the questions with as much detail as possible and explain any reasoning. At the end of the week I will close the application and go over them with my leaders. From there I'll determine which people will go on to the interview phase. Prior to the interview phase I will send you a few questions that will be asked during the interview to give you time to properly consider them. After that I'll attempt to select an Education Director. If I can't select one, the process will start again after a few weeks go by. 1. Do you have any past experience in education, in gaming or in real life? 2. What are your ideal qualities that a teacher or instructor should have? 3. What do you think some of the most effective ways of teaching are? 4. How can an Education Department be effective to a online gaming community like KSI? 5. What is your prior leadership experience? 6. Why do you think you'd be a good selection for this position? 7. How long have you been in KSI, what is your highest achieved rank and what is your current rank? 8. Name two workshops that would most benefit the community and explain why you picked them. 9. What responsibilities do you envision the Education Director having and what do you think I should be looking for in a Education Director?
  3. Kered 7

    Policy for Section Mods

    As many known, the forum staff sometimes chooses individuals to be section mods and police a certain section. The same goes for selecting division section mods. It's a big responsibility and it's not given lightly. The current policy for becoming and being a section moderator is as follows: Division Section Moderator Must have approval from your Division Leader or higher. Division Leader or Director must personally message an Admin on the forums for approval. it is a case by case basis, but usually only Founders or higher may be a section moderator. Section Mods must be active and police their designated area properly. No abusing your Moderator tools. Must have a basic understanding on how to use moderator tools. Member MUST be in clan operations in order to be a section moderator Section Moderator Member must be apart of KSI Global. Member must be active on the forums and post regularly Must be approved by a Global Moderator or higher. Must understand how to use moderation tools. Must not abuse your Moderator tools. Can not be a Section Moderator for more than 3 sections(not including sub forums over a section you already moderate). Must have been been on the forums for more than 4 months. Must properly police their area. Per Kered, Chief Administrator of Web Operations
  4. Hey can you reach out to me about some ideas for the twitch, I know you're busy but bigbt said to try and hit you up. I'd greatly appreciate it.

  5. I can't find you using your Discord name you have on here!! 


  6. Kered 7

    Kered interviews JT

    We'll start with some lighter questions before we jump into the KSI specific stuff, give a chance for the members to get to know you a little better. Kered: Other than being the KSI Webmaster and your real life job, what are some of the things you like doing? JT: "I like to keep myself busy with a variety of different things. I am huge into everything technology from hardware to software. I dabble in a lot of programming languages because I like to find out how things work. On the other end of the spectrum I have a huge motorcycle obsessions. The feeling of riding is amazing, nothing like it. Just like with technology I also make it a habit to “tinker” with my bike. I have taken it apart multiple times for a variety of reasons, sometimes to upgrade a part, other times just because I want to see how it all fits together. My last and newest hobby would be home brewing, once again I think this stems from the same concept as my other hobbies. I wanted to see how beer was made and how subtle changes can make a difference." Kered: When did you first get interested in coding and web site management, and what brought you to stick with it? JT: "Actually it all started with KSI. I was young and was already playing around with a lot of software/hardware but nothing in the realm of websites. When I joined our website had zero interactivity, and was basically an information page (which wasn’t much) with a flash header (which wasn’t bad for the time). I was so excited when I first joined that I wanted to help however I could. So I went to one of the best (and sometimes worst) resources we have GOOGLE. I started reading all sorts of stuff from tutorials to reviews of different CMS (Content management systems). When we first changed the website to E107 I knew little about PHP or MYSQL. I was literally figuring it all out as I went. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. At the time that is why I stuck with it, now it is different for me. I no longer have as much time to be around the community; however, KSI has taught me so much over my 14+ years. I run and maintain everything now so the community has the resources to be a rock for someone that maybe is in a bad spot and gaming is what gives them peace and keeps them out of trouble." Kered: Inside and outside of KSI, do you have any role models you look up to and why do you look up to them? JT: "I can’t really name any specific role models. I think anyone at any time can do things to be considered a role model. But at the same time none of us are perfect. So I try to look at everyone around me and try to resemble the best of them." Kered: What are some things that you absolutely hate and why? JT: "Mustard and Mayo. It tastes gross! Hate is a strong word and I don’t really like to use it. One thing that bothers me is when I know what the right answer or solution is and I am unable to do anything about it But Seriously I hate Mustard & Mayo" Kered: What would be your chosen superpower and what is your spirit animal? (If you can't make this answer funny, lord help us.) JT: "Superpower…. I would have to go with speed. Simply because think of everything you could get done if you could move 30x or even just 10x faster then normal. I could have been done with this interview a while back now. On a serious note, think of all the good you could do, the things you would have time to learn. It would be amazing! Plus I just like going fast. As far as a spirit animal I guess a Lion (according to some random 10 question online quiz I found just now on Google)." Kered: As it stands, you are the longest standing member of KSI. One of the original Creators of our community. That being said, the story of your recruitment probably isn't know by many people. Mind telling us your recruitment story? JT: "Well it all started back on the original Rainbow Six Three on the original Xbox. KSI was still relatively new and just started playing Rainbow Six. I don’t remember the exact details of how I came across KSI but I was invited to play in a tournament they were hosting. I ended up winning and afterwards I was talking with Bill (KSI Natas 7) and Wvern (KSI Wvern 7 – Don’t recall the spelling he has been retired for a long time now) and we all just clicked and shortly afterwards I started helping on the website and then revamped it multiple times. Not a great story but the journey has been awesome." Kered: How did you first come to hear about the community and who's idea was it to create the forums? JT: "I stumbled upon KSI on Rainbow Six Three on the original Xbox. I knew we needed somewhere for everyone to write down ideas and conversations instead of just Xbox live messages. So after we changed the front page we started the forums a couple of months or so later." Kered: You've been the leader and the owner of the forums since their conception. Which means you've seen many different eras and leadership on here. In your opinion, what was the "Golden Age" of the KSI forums and what made it such? JT: "I can’t really declare any time a Golden Age. I think the needs of the community have fluctuated over time and we have continued to change. To answer your question though, I think the Halo 2 days were probably the most active days we had." Kered: It's been debated for many years the usefulness of the forums. Discussed whether or not there would be benefits for pushing our members and leaders to sign up and stay active. Some say the recent technological advances (social media, discord, skype, IM'ing, etc) have left forums obsolete. Some say that the forums are a product of a by gone era. What is your stance on that? JT: "I don’t think forcing people to do anything will help any situation. The forums are a tool, they can be used in a variety of ways. Are there other tools out there we can use instead? Yes. Will those are tools show the world our strength and unity? No. Discord is a great tool however it is private, which it is meant to be. However I think our use vs the forums is short sighted. If we want to continue to grow and do new and exciting things for our members that requires money. If you go to a website and it is just news and no active community, you probably are not going to be as excited about it." Kered: Why are the forums important to our community and what can they offer our members? JT: "Well like I said the forums are a tool, if we truly want to continue to grow we need a stable platform as a base. Chat applications come and go as we have seen in the past." Kered: Again, going back to you being the longest standing member in KSI, have you ever had an interest in joining Clan Operations of the years? JT: "I don’t consider myself to be outside of clan operations. If you are referring to running divisions and such, I would not be a good fit for that role, especially now. It takes a lot to run a division or even a successful squad. I don’t have the time to dedicate to that, ultimately I think it would hurt the community and that is the last thing I want to do. If something changes to where I have more time to dedicate I would consider it." Kered: Has there ever been a moment where you thought you would be more beneficial to the community if you joined Clan-Ops, specifically at moments of crisis(i.e. LS split, creation of KSI United, split of .org)? JT: "Like I said, I don’t consider myself separate from clan ops. Over the years I have dealt with a lot of the hurdles and bumps in the road. Albeit behind the scenes, but still very much involved." Kered: Lastly, any parting words of wisdom for our members of KSI? JT: "KSI is what you make it. If you just want to play games. Awesome. Want to become a leader and learn new skills(conflict resolution, etc) Awesome! Want to learn how to do Graphics? Awesome. Code? Awesome. I do what I do so that future generations can have a great community to be in just as I did."
  7. Kered 7

    Site Errors Area

    Any mechanical issues you come across on the forums should be posted in this section. If you would, to insure a speedy response, tag an Admin or Moderator in your post so we can see it as fast as possible. Examples of Site issues: Problem re-loading site Broken images or links Posting issues Profile issues Permissions issues Broken or disrupted code Errors with site features These are, but aren't limited to, the types of things that should be posted in here. Depending on the scale or complexity of your issue will determine how long it will take to resolve your issue. Thank you for your time KSI Kered 7 Chief Administrator of Web Operations
  8. Where you been sweetcheeks! <3

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    This Area.

    Pretty self explanatory, this area is for all you writers out their. Whether its poetry, sci-fi/fanatasy, mystery, whatever, this is the place to post it and get opinions and critiques. Be kind to fellow posters, and don't be afraid to post. Your craft can only get better with practice, and with constructive criticism.
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    What song are you listening to?

    Rude by Magic
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    What song are you listening to?

    Fancy- Iggy.
  12. Lazy Kered Whats good bro

  13. Bow chicka bow wow

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    PHP / mysql classes?

    Right hizzle.