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  1. Admin Request Box.

    No problem, done. In the future if you have an issue with the group or you want to edit it, just send me a PM.
  2. Admin Request Box.

    When I was cleaning out the groups I must've deleted yours by accident. My b. Go ahead and post a HTML color code you want for the group and also if you want to change the name of the group to something else. And for the future know that at anytime you can request to change the name or color of your group. That was apart of the prize as well.
  3. Admin Request Box.

  4. Admin Request Box.

  5. Admin Request Box.

    That display name was already taken, so I changed it to KSI Smokey. Let me know if that's a problem.
  6. Admin Request Box.

    @Anatomy <3 You didn't Retire, you left. Denied.
  7. Account Recovery

    News team lead, good to see you again bud. I'll message you the account info, once I do just change the password. Closed.
  8. Account Recovery

    I know Toxic, so we'll just do a recovery question. What was the position I promoted to you back 2013?
  9. Account help

    I do have access to the account, but I need you to give me some kind of information for security reasons. Anything about the e-mail, join date, post count, etc.
  10. Only allowed 0 messages per day

    Should be fixed now bud. Thanks for being helpful and what not, i guess. @.Koda
  11. Hey can you reach out to me about some ideas for the twitch, I know you're busy but bigbt said to try and hit you up. I'd greatly appreciate it.

  12. I can't find you using your Discord name you have on here!!