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  1. Kered 7


    I didn't want to beat around the bush with this or play for suspense. As the title of the article says, I will be officially retiring in May 2019 and will not be seeking re-election for Executive Director. I have been apart of this community in some capacity for a little over 12 years. It's been one hell of ride. I have gained so much from this community and it's members over the years. So much so that I can honestly say that KSI has played a huge role in developing me into the person I am and the leader I am in the real world. In my time I've established friendships that have lasted for more than a decade and have had the privilege to work with some of the best leaders this community has ever seen. From being a General in Homicide SS, to being Executive Director KSI has helped me create memories and lessons that I will carry with me through the rest of my life. KSI has also been there for me in some pretty dark points in my life, and to be able to rely on my friends and fellow members during those periods is a gift I'll never be able to truly pay back. This community has been my home since I first got an original X-Box and it gave me the best possible gaming experience I can ask for. Prior to this re-build JT, Poot and I had a very defined vision of what we wanted this community to be. It was finally my chance to make KSI the community it always had the potential to be. We wanted a community that was as drama free as possible, a relaxed and enjoyable environment for our members, a leadership base that reflected all the great qualities a leader should have, quality over quantity and putting our people in the best spot for them to succeed and by extension putting the community in the best position to succeed. We had a few stumbles out of the gate as we tried to get our bearings. There was a period where we thought we were just going to be the harbingers of another stagnate, failed era. 8 months in and that could be further from the truth. With the amazing level of hard work from the Board, Elderpoot, Division and Department Leadership and the member base, KSI is more than on it's way to enjoying the greatest era in our history. Drama is practically non-existent when compared to prior generations. We have a group of leaders that are everything we look for in a new wave of innovative leadership. Our member count continues to grow without sacrificing quality. We have cultivated an environment that encourages hard work and drive from our leaders and members as well as maintaining a positive gaming experience for everyone in KSI. It is because of all these things, and more, that I feel comfortable to finally retire for good. The community is in great and capable hands. Our future is bright thanks to all the members and leaders that are in place. Our success isn't dependent on any one person, but rather dependent on all of you guys working together for the same goals. I just think it's time for me to step back and not get in the way of the new generation of membership. We need leaders at the top that still have that fire to be the best they can possibly be strictly because they want to see this community grow and not because they care about titles or power. I will be nominating KSI Elderpooter 7 as my replacement for Executive Director. The Board will vote on the this in May and I have full confidence that Pooter will be this communities next top guy. You gals and guys couldn't ask for a better candidate. Poot has almost single handedly represented the Senior Leadership of KSI and has done so flawlessly. His vision for KSI is even greater than mine. He has seen our potential and over the past couple months has moved heaven and earth to put us in our current position. He will continue to be one of the major factors of our continued success. There's not one other person that I would entrust this community to and KSI is in great hands with Poot at the helm. It's been fun guys, KSI Kered 7
  2. Kered 7

    Application for Education Director

    As posted on Discord, this application is going to the first step in the process of me selecting our new Education Director. it is the last vacant position on the Executive Staff and arguably one of the most important positions in the community. JT and I have a detailed vision on what we want the education department to be. Above all else we want it to be an effective source of knowledge and learning to the members of the community. Education is backbone of any organized group of people, more so in a gaming community. So with that being said, that is why I'm selecting the Education Director in this manner. The ability to teach and manage well isn't dictated, for the most part, by age or rank. What I'm looking for in a Education Director is simple. The ability to properly articulate information in a training environment in a way to have the best possible retention of knowledge. Able to manage a department and all the responsibilities that come with that. Intuitive and forward thinking when it comes to coming up with new ways to train the member base. And a X-factor to be determined by JT, Pooter, and myself. So, let's get this started. This application will be open for one week. Answer the questions with as much detail as possible and explain any reasoning. At the end of the week I will close the application and go over them with my leaders. From there I'll determine which people will go on to the interview phase. Prior to the interview phase I will send you a few questions that will be asked during the interview to give you time to properly consider them. After that I'll attempt to select an Education Director. If I can't select one, the process will start again after a few weeks go by. 1. Do you have any past experience in education, in gaming or in real life? 2. What are your ideal qualities that a teacher or instructor should have? 3. What do you think some of the most effective ways of teaching are? 4. How can an Education Department be effective to a online gaming community like KSI? 5. What is your prior leadership experience? 6. Why do you think you'd be a good selection for this position? 7. How long have you been in KSI, what is your highest achieved rank and what is your current rank? 8. Name two workshops that would most benefit the community and explain why you picked them. 9. What responsibilities do you envision the Education Director having and what do you think I should be looking for in a Education Director?
  3. I like it, and JT already has a bot for some basic things, it's just not activated right now. @R00t Da3m0n Could it be re-activated and expanded?
  4. Kered 7

    Your Top 3 KSI Leaders of All Time?

    KSi Boogieman 7 KSI Shamen 7 KSI Apollyon 7
  5. Kered 7

    Recruiting Contest August 2018

    Hey all, recruit contest again! Below will be the all information and rules pertaining to the contest. A note first, though. By no means is this contest an invitation to start in on "fluff recruiting". Recruit properly, according to the procedures of your respective squad. Do not sacrifice quality recruiting for quantity recruiting. We want the community to grow, but it needs to be done the right way to ensure that ALL new members are offered the same great experience in organized gaming. Important Info Contest starts at 1 o'clock am est on August 2nd. Contest ends midnight on August 17th. KSI Anatomy 7, KSI Royal 7, KSI Packers, KSI_Johnson_7 and KSI Big John 7 are the supervisors of the contest and will be the points of contact for any questions pertaining to the contest. PRIZES WILL BE SPLIT BETWEEN FG AND FA. 2 winners will be chosen from Fatal Genesis and 2 winners will be chosen from Fallen Angels. FG: First place winner will receive either a 60$ PSN card or Amazon card, depending on their choice. Second place winner will receive a 20$ PSN Card. FA: First place winner will receive either a 60$ Microsoft Card or Amazon card, depending on their choice. Second place winner will receive a 20$ Microsoft Card. Rules of the Contest A recruit only counts if they have been recruited in accordance to the squad policy of the respective recruiter. Clan Ops Supervisors will enforce this. A recruit only counts if they register either on the Forums or Discord. The Web Ops Staff will enforce this. A recruiter most post the name of their recruit in this topic along with their squad, division and which platform they registered on(forums or discord). Recruit must be added to the CMS of the squad and division. RECRUIT MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN AND MUST BE PROPERLY INTEGRATED INTO THE KSI COMMUNITY.
  6. Kered 7

    Back again

    @Kronic 7 Welcome back, pal. I tagged one of our generals to get you set up in a squad if that's what you're looking for. Send me a PM so I can provide you with a invite to the KSI Discord server.
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    Go home.
  8. Kered 7


    lil swag?
  9. Kered 7

    Favorite Anime Character of All Time?

    Shikamaru- Naruto Ban- Seven Deadly Sins Gildarts- Fairy Tail
  10. Kered 7

    Suggestion, maybe

    Funding for this kind of project, to do it right, it would be in thousands. As already said, it's just not feasible as of right now or in the foreseeable future.
  11. Kered 7

    Reviews with Kered

    I may or may not have completely forgot about this.
  12. Kered 7

    2017 Superbowl Predictions

    I hate you.
  13. Kered 7

    2017 Superbowl Predictions

    I won't mention my team as they are currently 0-10. Eagles are looking solid and they have the best overall team defense and offense wise. And as much as I hate the Patriots and Tom Brady, ya can never count them out. I think it's going to either the Eagles or Steelers this year.
  14. Kered 7

    Anatomy Access

    Done, and closed.
  15. Kered 7

    Pooter is Back?

    Poot Poot.