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  1. M3diiKx

    hi everyone

    Hey bro. Welcome. What game do you play? If it's Black Ops 3, hit me up on Xbox. My gamertag is KSI M3diiKx 7. We are the squad on BO3 in the RD division. We currently have 75 members in our squad. Let me know. Legion RD is our squad name.
  2. M3diiKx


    Hello everyone, I am KSI M3diiKx 7 and I have returned after a long time and want to get back into communities again. I was rerecruited by KSI R3AP3R 7 in to RD. Hit me up on here if you wish and my GT will be KSI M3diiKx 7 tomorrow.
  3. M3diiKx

    New girl

    Hey Lisa. Welcome to XD.
  4. Trying to build XD and train it's leaders pne person at a time.

  5. lol why does it matter?

  6. I am no longer blacklisted =) hit me up for info!!! woot woot

  7. I am no longer blacklisted =) hit me up for info!!! woot woot

  8. Are you in KSI or 3SS?

  9. u respect me too dawg imma rock yo shi*

  10. ur the gen over valor now

  11. haha im on ur respects twice

  12. can u make me one with like my name and rank in side a white circle with a red medic cross inside the circle. kina like ur ironman sig

  13. ok its just that ur voice on xbox seems like it would go with the one on the left