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  1. You know ur a texan when you where a cowboy hat to play the piano!!!

  2. everything makes sense now that I took over xplicit

  3. : o just stopped to peek at ya. Its been ages since we actually talked... sorta lol!

  4. I don't see you on XBL much you should get on and play with me!!!

  5. Saturday is when I shall return and bring the slaughter.

  6. KSI R3X 7

    Intrested in expanding ksi's possibilities

    interesting where yall are going with this...VIP package type thing..and new color....JT and I are currently working on the update that I put together, and am currently asking for insight from the Senior's about it, but there will soon be something like this available for everyone, I am not leaking any info on what it is called yet, it is a surprise, but I have been trying to do this for a long time. Excellent
  7. KSI R3X 7

    Intrested in expanding ksi's possibilities

    well, JT, if you would do that update that I've been trying to get you to do for me, this could very well be VERY feasable. PM me if you have forgotten...