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  1. i cant be botherreedd.

  2. lol really ? xD

    well put in the request for a sig .

  3. when am i getting a sig?

  4. ummmm i think he joined the army and died. . i hear he has a wickeddd badass little sister.

  5. I've always hated him too. What a Douche bag, whatever happend to him

  6. you know who ive always hated? that KSI GoKu guy. he was a real prick.

  7. Vulpix is stupid....Make your own sig!

  8. i <3 you foreverrrz .

  9. i will i will i will XD

    sorry i havent been on xbox in a while lol

  10. omG! WHo negatived you!! I will fix this!