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  1. woah.. it's been forever!

    1. Airborn 7

      Airborn 7

      I haven't seen or talke to you in a while

  2. Hell yeah! Well, except my sister is playing right now, haha.

    But yeah, I got back and Dustin was like "Yo Thrust, you should join KSI again" and I remembered all the good times, so I had to do it. 8D

  3. DUDE!!!! I MISS YOU :P

    Where have you been man!!! Yes i'll def be on soon :D

  4. Ohay you. You should get on and play some h3 with me some time~ It'd be just like in the Holy Ground days. 8D

  5. KSI FoxiiWolf x


    Random pictures of myself and my friends and family.
  6. Add my gamergatg KSI LaGz

  7. im always on u could play with me!!

  8. really? thats awesome :) Congrats :P

    I knowww,i just don't really enjoy it because no one is ever on when i get on :S

  9. been great actually getting my 360 within 2 weeks. general now too!! u never get on h2 nemore

  10. lol dude I know! it's kinda crazy! how are you?