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  1. sorry ... would have sent a message bac sooner but my xbox n my laptop crashed all n the same day .... :( .. finally fix my laptop but ... still no xbox ... oh well , how u been ?

  2. NEW GAMERTAG= KSI x GreenEyez

  3. NEW GAMERTAG= KSI x GreenEyez

  4. green IxI eyez

    Sup G

    gotcha freshhh fitted :0) x0
  5. hey... ready for christmas?

  6. Hey ... droppin by to say wussup

  7. Baby.. Im going to bed.. GoodNite. Love ya!

  8. Just stopping by to say hey :0) Hope all is well and have a good Holiday !

  9. green IxI eyez


    Um hiii can we go for a ride babee :0)
  10. Haha love tha profile ma ...

  11. Yea bae i know.. we played for a little though. but ur xbox is messed up lol.. hit me up laterz alrite baby.. alrite! lol one love!

  12. green IxI eyez


    Alll day everyday babiii<333