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  1. hey man, i just read your post. Best of luck to you with everything and maybe i'll bump into you on XBL sometime. Don't let things knock you down. If you stay headstrong people around will be strong as well. Be easy ;)

  2. KSI RisingSun


    you and your lil sis? you guys look cute
  3. what up man? i rolled with you on HTDM once with gardegnnome

  4. Happy Holidays KillaMonkey hope you're having a good one ;)

  5. my holidays' been decent. got to see alot of my old friends and catch up over some drinks. whats so 'eh' about your holiday? you probably got so many boys coming up to you and giving you xmas offerings lolz

  6. i wont be a stranger =]

    and holidayys were eh



  7. hey PickaChu thanks for the add, hope you had a great xmas and enjoy the holidays. don't be a stranger ;)