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  1. KSI MacTheRippr

    Ghost recon wildlands

    I believe that if you are a Tom Clancy game fan, then you will really enjoy this game. It cherry picks a lot of good features from games like ghost recon future soldier, rainbow six, splinter cell and the division. I like the openness of it, you can take it in any direction you please. Approach any objective the way you please. I play on the XBone s on a 4k tv. I think this game looks amazing as well. On the other side of the coin, the game does get sort of redundant and repetitive. I have found that I enjoy playing this game solo because the AI are a lot better at not getting detected and following orders. I imagine though, if you had a solid 4 person group this game would be that much better. I am on the third province and have been playing on the hardest difficulty. Would I recommend this for a friend? Absolutely. Would I buy the gold edition of the game again? Absolutely. I would probably give this game a 7.5 to an 8 out of 10.
  2. yea... what he said !!!!

  3. UGH sheer boredum. i should be laying down with my girl man. FML

  4. UGH sheer boredum. i should be laying down with my girl man. FML