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  1. Working on a Sig

    From the album BILLYIZM


  2. Home for 2 days of R and R God give me strength

  3. Home for 2 days of R and R God give me strength


    "iTz Ya Boyeee BILLYIZM" The face behind the Sparton....
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your loss! My heart goes out to Dark and please MSG me if you need anything~! You have my number

  6. Spider is a good friend or I think he is? Well even if he doesn't know my name I think he is awesome and I applaud him for a job well done! Ok I said it! "Spider can I have my $20.00 now?" LMAO no you really do a great job and thanks.

  7. Big 40,

    Whats up buddy hey give me a call sometime! I have some news for ya

  8. y1pMXaL8aRvj5V9MsR9PbCkDkl-alMy9blgHvLdlljpZ_CkgB4bf1rkW77qolifuSk7scLbYbyagY0.jpg

    O K ? oh i got it~!!!!! Its a shoe LoL they are cool looking though
  9. Ok so I like the Pacman T-shirt! You make it look good! :)

  10. Thanks for the comment Miss Dream but my profile is no way better than yours ;) LoL but anyway yes it sounds like we need to talk! You have my digits so holla back atcha boy!

  11. Im glad to be back and ready for Duty!

  12. Are you a Brother in blue? If you are I extend my hand to you through a thin blue line! If you need me let me know.

  13. Me 2.jpg

    Your chicken is left to center! LoL nice pic buddy!!!!
  14. From the album BILLYIZM

    Aight BILLY get your game on, its gonna be a long night! LoL


  15. Lets go to work!

    From the album BILLYIZM

    Another day another Dall'ah....


  16. Sup Dark Leader? Just thought I would say Hi and hope all is well.... ;-)

  17. Fellow Brother in Blue the line extends from me to you!

  18. My best friend and Team Captain "Final Hunter'

    From the album BILLYIZM

    Final Hunter Team Captain of my MLG Pro Team! " Ladies he is single"


  19. My badge and Dog Tags

    From the album BILLYIZM

    God Bless the workers in Public Safety, as they walk a mile everyday in the shoes of someone in need.... "Love the thin Blue Line"


  20. Me board at work

    From the album BILLYIZM

    Taking a pic with my Blackberry in Black and White