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  1. KSI Evil Rage 7


    2 YRS. and my very own still.......... lol
  2. KSI Evil Rage 7


    Well after ALOT of calling, Going to Mcdonalds and all other possibilities and idea's, i finally found a company to go threw for internet WAY out here in the woods. And since ive been out WTF lazzar is gone? WOW @all the changes. But anyway how the hell is everyone?
  3. KSI Evil Rage 7

    European Squad?

    I spoke with KSI BIGG PAPPA 7 if you can get 15 recruits then a KSI Squad could be formed. I hope this is helpful and we hope you stay with us. Hell who knows you could be over KSI UK! But dont give up on us, ok?
  4. KSI Evil Rage 7

    KSI learning center

    Well i went into it but it was password protected. I searched before i spoke.
  5. KSI Evil Rage 7

    What would you all like to see happen?

    I dont know if this has been brought up but what about a smart phone app. Cause i am on the go alot and online, it would be useful to me and others to be able to keep up. Laptop gets in the way alot. With push notifications it would be very valuable at squad level.
  6. KSI Evil Rage 7

    KSI learning center

    Lets do that. Maybe get together tonight. I want to progress higher but i also want to be of more use to this family. And share my knowledge!
  7. KSI Evil Rage 7

    KSI learning center

    What about an online learning center where those who want to rank up and learn more and brush up on tactics etc.etc. It can be password protected. Where they can go in there spare time. Cause people like me that work and have families its hard to attend some classes or host classes. Ive been managing and running buisness for a long time and would love to share my knowledge and experience!