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  1. newksiglobal.com

  2. newksiglobal.com

  3. sounds good dude add me when you get your 360

  4. I got 140. !m leaving tomorrow for a job so i can make an extra 100. B Bak next next sunday

  5. aint it the truth, how much you haved saved up so far?

  6. Doing pretty good just trying to make some money

  7. Whats going on man?

  8. well KING was supposed to set it up i gave him that project so its on him now

  9. whats up my man, we gotta get our swat team together people are getting antsy

  10. not much brotha you?

  11. np dragon glad your enjoying youeself!


    nothin much here bro how you doing?

  12. Whats up Brother from another Mother!!!