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    Gaming , Art and Graphics Design <3 thats how i role :)
  1. Miss ZinK

    Me <3

  2. Haha are you serious? dayum sawnnnn :P haha and nothing much just watching xmen ^_^

  3. nm chillin, thats crazy my last name is zink! whats up with u

  4. of course not lol .

  5. Dont i have to be in KSI to join the team?? :)

  6. ooh . at one point i thought i had convinced you to apply for the graphics team . && i seen your work . i saw improvement . if you apply for the team , you'll get much better faster . && my work isnt amazing , lol im still a novice .

  7. Heyyy whatsup? Long time no see :] And what do you mean you convinced me to join ? Join what ?:P Btw ive posted up some more of my recent work :) i have more but i have to post 3 at a time or something and i dont want to double post :/ lol :P but urhmmm yeah comment??? And btw? your designs? = AMAZING!!! <3

  8. hey what up?!? thats crazy my last name is zink too!! its kinda not common to run across that..but hello from aj zink

  9. Is feeling lost in a world that doesnt exist <3 damn i love this feeling :)

  10. Is feeling lost in a world that doesnt exist <3 damn i love this feeling :)

  11. REG echo? Uhh prolly not. I've never been known as REG echo unless you meant something else.

  12. Omg. is this echo? theeeee REG echo?