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  1. hey renzi, never saw u were on the forums, just saying hi! this is KSI Super Spar if you we were wondering

  2. noob, play more halo

  3. oh snaps! got my net back

  4. oh snaps! got my net back

  5. Hell yea man! Metal is where it's at! I'm working on putting all the bands I listen to up. But yea, I had to make a new account cause the last one just didn't let me update anything.

  6. I have a half day so ill mostly be on tomarrow

  7. i should be on tomarrow during the day for a little halo! im ready to **** all over little kids again

  8. dude, i have to say that i totally agree with the music choices! RAP IS CRAP!!! I play guitar and im a big fan of metal music because it adds a degree of difficulty to playing. And its nice to see you on the forums

  9. yes thats what i meant

  10. there u go duder, i slapped up a pic with amp guitar and wah peddle for your amusement!

  11. sspar12

    the gear

    Peavy 220 transtube amp, Ibanez RG guitar, Ibanez weeping demon wah peddle.
  12. ya man! schecters are top dawg! im saving up so i can be the C1 hellraiser, might be one of the most bad-butt guitar these eyes have ever seen

  13. That's pretty awesome. I rarely do Drop C but I do Drop D fine with 10-46 GHS strings. You can find my Les Paul in some of my pictures. I don't play my Schecter as much because the Floyd Rose on it is probably damaged and it can't hold tuning for crap.

  14. shup, you dirty man whats up!