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    Women, fishing, the outdoors, pot bellied pigs, 40oz, the Bay area and the rich culture that thrives within it & NORTHERN! California
  1. True but i would like to see you on H3 when youi can man

  2. Hey man we miss you on H3 bro, I have been just kickin it trying to get headhunters organized for clan matches but i would love to see you on H3 man. Also i cant believe you were on H2 that long, too cool

  3. Whats going on Hamsta? How you been

  4. yes congrats hamstapants!

  5. Ho fosho brothablood u made it to the forums man!!!

  6. Ohhhhh man its phrezem!!!!!! whats good man and it is too cool that you are still on H2

  7. Heard you got major Hamstaaa congratz on datt!


  8. Hey was up man, you made it! check out division sections and go to H2 if you have a chance, thats were we are mostly but feel free to check out all the threads man!

  9. Nice man u made it! You are the first new recruit from h3!

  10. Whats up Vincent, nice to see u on the forums man

  11. too cool to say hii or what ?

  12. Yupp, ever since you recruited me into KSI i've loved it!

    Been trying to do my best in KSI and always will. :D

    Ty for recruiting me, could'nt have made it this far without you.

  13. Nice sergent symbol jmc, congrats on that, i have heard you are doing a great job!