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    Sports. Extreme sports. summer. baseball, drumming, football, basketball.
  1. blarg!!!blarg honk blarg honk?!

  2. Your signature is ready.

  3. Hi, leo you probably dont know me but im in Juno XD and im will be a Lieutenant on friday and roker sent me here because i wanted a sig and he said u could make me one. Give me a repley if u can.

    Thanks, KSI Colester

  4. Thanks Roker for the info ill ask leo

  5. BTW you need to have 35 posts to get a signature from the designs team. If you ask Leopwnas real nice, he might make you one for free!

  6. is stuck doin' skool work

  7. is stuck doin' skool work

  8. KSI Colester