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    I used to be in the military... 5 in the NAVY, 3 in the ARMY. I'm going to ITT Tech now for my BA in Game Design and Development. I love music. I'm a former Radio DJ and HR Manager for MMORadio. I love sports... and I love Mountain Dew, steak, and Red Velvet Cake.
  1. had an ok birthday... another year older. I'm ready for some MW2!

  2. had an ok birthday... another year older. I'm ready for some MW2!

  3. Congrat's on your new addition to your family may this 2nd angel bring much joy and blessings. ENJOY! ;-)

  4. lol, thanks, now force all your friends to watch the epic that is that commercial, :D

  5. OMGRadio lol the sites been down for unscheduled maintenance for awhile now. omgradio.net It just went down without a word to any of us. Kind of lame but eh.

  6. man i loved your review Great job

  7. Not a problem, I'm in class right now, so it'd be the best time to do it, once I'm done writing a script for a toy commercial.

  8. Your a noob tko lol and spectra i was wondering if you wouldnt mind making me a sig in your spare time

  9. Lmao, yeah man i'm comming back to RF so i'll be playing with ya again soon :D

  10. Hey, I made Captain!!!! WOO! lol, there, I told ya. In all honesty, I forgot to mention it out the gate because I've been busy on and off KSI.

  11. Gratz on the Promote to Cpt man! You don't tell me anything D: