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  1. KSI S o N ii C

    Le Minion

    Welcome Back!
  2. Holy **** man, please tell me you're still active.

  3. KSI S o N ii C

    Hello Friends. KSI Troubled X is back

    Hello everyone, it's been quite awhile since I've been here, I'm an old school(2005) FS and (1st gen)SF member. I have close to ten years of clan ops experience, been through just about every rank from Private up to Co-Creator and Head Of Security of TMG. The highest rank I've been here in global was Division leader of Xiled Gods back in 2010. I'm looking to help out in anyway possible. Ive recruited well over 500 members in my career and I'm always willing to recruit more. Hit me up on xbox if you remember me or would like to play some games or something.
  4. You are such a fail at life ha no one likes you go die in a ****ing hole you no life piece of ****.-KSI Troubled X

  5. you look at mine and you dont post anything....well sup with you?

  6. KSI S o N ii C

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    Just a Sig i made in my freetime

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  7. Welcome to the forums =)