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    Longboarding. H1, H2, H3. My saint bernard. Piano. Jilla. haha. KSI! Forging(H3)
  1. Buddy. I really need you to get a 360.

  2. Aha, lol.

    I doo but you know life is life and im gonna have to wait.

  3. Haha. You need a 360 bro! please get one.

  4. 920 N. Owen Pasco washington area code 99301

  5. No. I want your address.

  6. Aha, lol i live in washington >.< and youu ?

  7. I kno! *CROWD ROARS!* haha. where do you live? I am sending you a check of 300$ to get a new xbox 360, hard drive, and a halo 3!

  8. VaNGauRD hows it goin ?? :D nice to see you on forums man !!