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  1. Nope, I play Mw2 :D

  2. I owned KSI SEA 7 he was a 4 star gen. he's so bad and he had epic host!!!!!!!!

  3. good all smack talk

  4. Yeah but I never got burned LOL

  5. Yeah but I never got burned LOL

  6. 1 v 1 in Halo3

  7. Do you know anybody that might wanna 1 v 1 or 2 v 2?? In halo3?

  8. OMG what do you think ive been doing?!

    Because if you think ive been looking for your 2v2 you're wrong! xD

    KK NightyNite<3

  9. I'm gonna get some sleep. Find me a 2 v 2 so I'll have something to do when i wake up.

  10. Yea! That dude was C R A Z Y!!

    LMAO and then the witch.

    WOW. haha

  11. Hiei with his Jagan eye was epic! Yeah the babe was funny <3

  12. Hiei was the one with the Eye on his forehead right?

    That foo was awesome!! I liked the little baby lmfao.