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  1. yea it is =] my fav <3

  2. Excited for Dasike's possible return!

  3. Excited for Dasike's possible return!

  4. Yo sick, or would you rather be called Airborn3 now?

    I added you, man it's been forever.

  5. Isn't that the Melbourne Shuffle there?Pretty awesome.

  6. Commenting because your profile said to.

    And you have good taste in Anime.. except the bleach Manga was kind of going down hill for a while.

  7. Hell yeah! Well, except my sister is playing right now, haha.

    But yeah, I got back and Dustin was like "Yo Thrust, you should join KSI again" and I remembered all the good times, so I had to do it. 8D

  8. DUDE!!!! I MISS YOU :P

    Where have you been man!!! Yes i'll def be on soon :D

  9. Ohay you. You should get on and play some h3 with me some time~ It'd be just like in the Holy Ground days. 8D

  10. Hey yo.

    Came on the forum just for you.

  11. Thanks! I was completely lost when trying to find the forsaken group for H3, thanks for pointing it out to me.

  12. Check out the HX Division thats where you will find everyone!!!