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  1. Im gonna hurt you boy <_<

    you need to stop getting in trouble, i still talk to helix mom

    i'll get her back here to kick your asss

  2. Hey puppy when you can get a chance man, Send me a party invite to my tag, KSI Hallowed.

  3. holy crap iv known you longer than i thought

  4. KSI Mr PuPPy 7

    Mr PuPPy

  5. ahhh smilies dont work!!!!

  6. Hey Munkee :wub:

    Wanna Sit Down And Read The Paper With Me? :coffeepaper:

  7. lol im just phuckin witcha... he said you wer stalking him (as a joke,) and that you liked him.. so as a joke i posted the comment below