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  1. KSI SonofSin V7

    KSI SonOfSin v7

    My gt is ksi sonofsin v7 i am a cofo in FS i have been in ksi for almost 7 years my biggest mentor is ksi wicced 7 have have been div leader of XD LE SF RS KS and cofo of LS i am a very strong minded leader but jave a temper if anyone needs any advice no matter what div your in of rank i cab do em all plz feel free to add me and pick my brain
  2. KSI SonofSin V7

    new cofo

    I am KSI SonOfSin v7 i am Famous and Magma fs new cofo i am here to help any concers projects playtime or just plain wanna pick my brain go right ahead thats what im here for
  3. KSI SonofSin V7

    Thoughts on Gun Ban

    Its not all about banning guns i have been around guns my whole life and so have every one of my friends but we where tought to respect and fear a gun but not to be "afraid" to use it in nesicuary sercomstances i mean also if you can guns you make unarmed victums do you think for one second that crimnals will go Hey g thug they ban guns g thug gos ya t dogg t fogg goes **** guess we cant use guns ever again in a perfect world mayb but deff not in this world they would go wait guns are illegal ok lets rob everyone
  4. KSI SonofSin V7

    How is everyones day?

    im doin good takein a poop now have a good one see ya later
  5. too poo or not too poo that is a dumb question

  6. too poo or not too poo that is a dumb question

  7. Ah, im in Hellfire. General; For now atleast.

  8. hi sorry lol i was seenin if you where in the same squad or not bored curiosity

  9. if your going to visit my profile, At least say hello, Where are your manners?


  11. Sweet, I'm your first comment. :) Hiii!