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  1. The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. Good morning!

  2. Do every act of your life as though it were the very last act of your life.

    1. KSI Elkram 7

      KSI Elkram 7

      True words to live by.

  3. Mr XGN

    Titanium Theme

    I would so buy this if someone actually did this. Good idea Thunder
  4. Can't wait for the new Halo 4 maps !

  5. Mr XGN

    Who do you sub to?

    MrTechnicalDifficult deranker Halo 4 Betrayal ROBOT $4 The Game Station GoodGriefing™ Brysi Team Kiling Gamocial IGN Gamespot PMSClan Xbox (and like 141 others lol)
  6. Mr XGN

    Funk Volume?

    Anyone like funk volume ? Its a group that Hopsin is apart of. If so whats your favorite song?
  7. I suggest bringing back the e107 with the old theme on the main site that is still to this day known as the "KSI Theme" I think that would truly bring back memories to old members that are sadly lost in the fake KSI and not even aware of it. Sure e107 is simple.. but its easy and simple isnt always a bad thing . besides there is like so many users on that database and all the memories and archived news articles that I found myself re-reading time after time... Its like a stamp in history that reminds everyone of our past and I think new members deserve that.. I remember when my recruits joined they went through every article (: Reading of all the past events. Just a though . what do you guys think?