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  1. KSI CHAOS 7

    Shoutbox ban?

    Chief of Staff
  2. KSI CHAOS 7

    Shoutbox ban?

    That would be your COS the one with 15 whole posts and its his old account which showed how active he was then and don't expect him to change now.
  3. KSI CHAOS 7

    Shoutbox ban?

    Like we said earlier its all a matter of time. Nothing ever changes. Notice we never said fake this that or the other or anything their COS gets on and says .orgs and we get banned hmmm that totally seems legit!
  4. KSI CHAOS 7

    How is everyones day?

    Mine is doing okay
  5. KSI CHAOS 7

    Shoutbox ban?

    Nope because its who I am and the moment Iceman showed up see how quick I got banned. Same thing that always went down.
  6. KSI CHAOS 7

    Hi iceman!

    Seems I have to spam to talk to people here now Good thing this is the spam area.
  7. KSI CHAOS 7

    Shoutbox ban?

    Okay so I was told I would NOT be banned from the SB but hmmm seems already banned. Kinda odd concidering it was said that would not happen but like I stated earlier when certain people come on they will go back to what they always do. So where is the rules on this one Seems nothing changes.
  8. KSI CHAOS 7


    Your making posts which means once you hit X amount you can do it.
  9. KSI CHAOS 7


    Keep posting your doing great!
  10. KSI CHAOS 7


    If you keep posting in this thread you will get it!
  11. KSI CHAOS 7

    tinyy dee.jpg

    Thats one beautiful dog! Very nice markings and all.
  12. Check out the FTLA section on the forums and see when the next class is so you can get signed up

  13. KSI CHAOS 7


    Nice man I like this! Hey Encore you guys should start using this!
  14. Thanks man it was fun! I should be able to do the next reach one also so hope to see your guys there again!

  15. Sup man glad you found the place :)