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  1. Congrats! Boston Bruins! Stanley Cup 2011 Champions!

    1. KSI TOPGUN 7

      KSI TOPGUN 7

      woot woot, take that canada

    2. FourthForm


      thanks for accepting my friend request. have a good day on REACH

  2. Congrats! Boston Bruins! Stanley Cup 2011 Champions!

  3. Congrats! Boston Bruins! Stanley Cup 2011 Champions!

  4. It's all a game, avoiding failure, when true colors will bleed All in the name of misbehavior and the things we don't need. -Carnival of Rust by POFTF

  5. Hah yeah, challenges are always fun.

  6. true true. and its a bit more of a challenge.

  7. Ooh, yes, ACOG is pretty amazing on a sniper. But I use it on my FAL.


  8. lol for me i tend to use the ACOG on most of my snipers jsut for fun.

  9. I tried doing that today, I missed all 5 shots on one person and they weren't even moving, lol.

  10. Revolution Begins May 2011- Brink.

  11. Yeah it happens, i favor actually taking the time to scope in and shoot.

  12. Oh, its difficult for me to snipe normally, and I stink with normal assault rifles, so I just quickscope.

  13. nope i cant stand QS. i am more of the Traditional Sniper.