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  1. I had a catheter, got it out, now I have got it again, fully awake, and making jokes the whole time. I feel like I'm finally a man!

  2. Just got a capture card! one of my vids.

  3. My 7th grade school project: Make a model of a cell. Out of whatever you want.... Ideas?

    1. KSI Eureka

      KSI Eureka

      Jello...Do it with jello... that would be so cool, Find like...A round tuberwear and fill it with lemon, and use other colors to represent the other cell parts, Freeze the lemon jello first till its not full liquid and inject the other colors... then freeze it all together

    2. Rockstar


      my friend did this one combination of hairspray and something else and it made a stronger and didnt need to be cool to stay in place.

    3. Shido 7

      Shido 7

      Easiest think is making a cake, or a cookie cake, and use the icing and candy pieces to make the little parts...;plus your class will love to eat it afterwards

  4. On the way home from eating, my mom had to text her boss. So, I got to drive home. Let's just say I might be 13. Just maybe.....

  5. I need people to play some zombies with...

  6. Really? A "Career Day" at my school? I'm in 7th grade. Maybe all the parents will get lost and find the elementary school.

  7. How can I slpeep with a 2,5,7, and 8 yr old running around my house.?

    1. Gaia


      Give them a shot of whiskeeey!

    2. Shido 7
  8. I went to school feeling sick, and in the last 30 min of school THEN the nurse tells me i have a fever...

  9. chill out its midnight of TODAY not yesterday, you got time...

  10. MadHatter Where are you?

  11. STRYKER get my number from Andrew and tell mad hatter to find those points before midnight, Then text me if he finds them...

  12. As soon as I get my Microsoft points I'm getting GTA IV TBOGT

    1. Wes


      and you'll be getting a good deal if you buy it before Monday night 11:59pm because Rockstar content is on sale including TBoGT

    2. Huntario


      Mad Hatter lost the points.... He has to find them. Lets hope before midnight. I'll get up if I need to.

  13. Some chick on Xbox got so worked up... She started to hyperventilate! She said I was "Representing my parents" and that she recorded me talking and is going to send in to my parents. LMFAO

    1. Gaia


      Someone needs to get a life! :D

    2. KSI QueenJess 7

      KSI QueenJess 7

      omfg HAHAAH wow. lol