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  1. KSI Jiggy

    I'm coming back :)

    My name is jessie, most call me Jiggy. I used to be in Ksi a few years ago. Was a director at one point but left for real life issues. But I'm back and ready to meet new people and do some stuff . Add me on xbox KSI Jiggy 7
  2. I love you too my queenie :D Thanks for being the best friend that you are! <3

  3. KSI GoldenViper

    Wednesday August 3rd, 2011at 9:00p EST


  4. ninja lovings for the Jiggly.

    :) miss our banter sessions with Sweets and when we all couldnt sleep.

  5. I love you Jiggly Puff!!!! Thanks for being so absolutely amazing!!!!

  6. I've made up my mind. I am going back to college no matter what. It's too late to go back for this semester. But Spring Semester. Hello IUP. I am GOING to make this happen!

  7. I want to go back to school so badly...

  8. hello good friend

  9. Needs a cigarette SOOOOO bad. My check needs to get here ASAP!!!!!!

    1. Ilikbigbuttz


      hahah,not meaning to b rude,but how old r u.U don't look old enough to smoke.

    2. KSI Vanished 7

      KSI Vanished 7

      Why do you need a Cancer stick!!!

    3. KSI Jiggy

      KSI Jiggy

      I am 20 years old haha!

  10. :o. I'm broke so I am unable to pay you in food :( But, what about something else ;) lol.
  11. You owe me 4 cookies and a bag of chips

  12. As much as you doubt me, you ought to feel foolish. Because the more you doubt me, the further I go, and the more amazing I become. So, turns out, jokes on you, and I'm amazing, and helping more and more people in KSI. Sorry to burst your bubble :) haha, But on another note... Hanging out with my mother today, first time in 4 months, kind of nervous.

    1. Ilikbigbuttz


      I miss u as my gen,don't think the dragon likes me,move'in on soon,best wishes to u and gream,ur great guys(much love-no homo lol)

  13. How do you expect me to tell you what's wrong with me, when I don't even know...

    1. KSIxwonderman


      who knows whats wrong with anybody everyones perfect just in a different way ;)