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  1. dont stalk HG members

  2. KSI EquaLs

    Demonic Mayhem.jpg

    Dude this is awesome! i love the ODST with the screamo-face lol
  3. Oh yeahh Math exam tommorow!

  4. Holy crap nice edits you made! I like the second one where it simply says Encore!

  5. Hey Dylan did you get to post in te forums yet..?

  6. KSI EquaLs


    Haha I don't know you but you are Beautiful xD lol original place to take a picture
  7. Three more days till i can go on halo reach!:D

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    2. KSI Luci Lux 7

      KSI Luci Lux 7

      wait Gregs your dad??

    3. KSI EquaLs

      KSI EquaLs

      Hahaha no we just act like it tho xD

    4. KSI EquaLs

      KSI EquaLs

      Hahaha no we just act like it tho xD

  8. Yes! My P/D Ratio is 1.01

    1. KSI Greg954

      KSI Greg954

      hey azyninvasion is doing great recruiting he has 3 and helped revenge get his first rct as well

  9. Won't be on halo reach until next Sunday.. Going to a funeral.

    1. KSI EquaLs

      KSI EquaLs

      Nevermind Tuesday what am I saying ? :S

    2. KSI Luci Lux 7

      KSI Luci Lux 7

      sorry to hear that man. if you want to talk hit me up

    3. KSI EquaLs

      KSI EquaLs

      All right well I can't go on xbox now cause I'm at my cousins house but um when I come back probably

  10. Out showboarding! :D having a great time!

    1. KSI Monotooi

      KSI Monotooi

      thats pretty different to the post above you

  11. Haha snowday! :) Halo reach all day ;)

  12. Haha snowday! :) Halo reach all day ;)

  13. yes here is the LS Division Forum Section. Check out Encore and you can also explore differnt things.


  14. Hey prequels, I figured out most of the site so far, all I know is that you can post on blogs and that's all.. What else is there on the forums?

  15. All right I figured out how KSI forums works on iPod touch.. Now time to add the squad.