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  1. Shido 7

    Raising Money for KSI

    Let me preface this with(THIS POST IS REALISTIC NOT CRITICAL AS I AGREE WITH THE IDEA_ T-shirts and other products are awesome, and would be a huge selling point... HOWEVER We have Little to no Startup cash.....Believe you me, as marketing the first thing i want to do is have KSI Swag to sell, but we have to have money to purchase it first, everything I find has to be bought up front, and then re sold to make any kind of noticeable profit, and unfortunately, due to my hospital visits recently, I AM NOT RICH. So products are the furthest out avenue. I Agree completely with the donation and donator incentives. If you look at various minecraft servers even they have "donation Packages" Lowest being name changes, customizable profile, etc... Highest being access to closed areas of forums, keynote discussion access etc etc... Forum "titles" you could look at the icons even, the rank icons, and make that customizable. If we can get the design guys in on it, we could look at "premium signatures" maybe even VIP only access Shout Box Smilies etc etc. That for now would be the springboard to.... Tournaments, Products, etc etc....... Once we start a cash flow in general, then things are easy... Tournaments can also be a good place to start, but in the given economy, negotiations with sponsorships are tough, but not out of reach.....Anyone interested in helping with this area....Our business office could use your motivation...... With news team we could look at sponsored articles, though not necessarily my favorite option, we could start whoring out global to ad companies make some money that way, at least for a short time to get a good leg up.... Im open to pretty much any ideas, and JT i want to discuss some options with you as well, myself and a few of my Marketing guys as well as ACE have a few decent Ideas we would like to go over. We have the people, we know what we want, we just have to get that jumpstart money flow going... But again i believe that the donation perks are the best starting point.....
  2. red for shido, rags, and ponies

  3. wall loves...licks..lol misses u.

  4. I certainly agree

  5. I miss ya too, buddy. :) We should play Black Ops.


  7. All LS officers please check out my founder thread, read the updated first post and start discussing.

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      Don't do it guys. Shido is crazy.

  8. Whats your gaia username?

  9. Check marketing.