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  1. I am now married.So happy.I had a great day.Today was the best day I have ever had.It was short and sweet.And the dancing was great.I had a really good time.

    1. Saint Hallowed
    2. Wes



    3. Game 7

      Game 7


  2. Can any one tell me wht a sig request is?

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    2. Bacchus


      Yea ... what he said. lol

    3. KSI Rebellion 7

      KSI Rebellion 7

      thats what the sig request is, the sig its self is the image you see at the bottom of someones post...

    4. KSI ladybug
  3. Getting married on the 26th of june.I cant wait.I am very excited.

    1. KSI SequeLs

      KSI SequeLs


    2. KSI ladybug

      KSI ladybug

      thank you.I cant wait.

  4. Having a great summer.Get to go swimming alot.Yay

  5. Back to work and doing every thing normal again.I feel so much better.

    1. KSI Spazbit

      KSI Spazbit

      glad to hear it. Hit me up online so I can get you up to speed on whats been happening and we can start working together as CO-FO's two of us helping these guys out will be better than one.

    2. KSI ladybug

      KSI ladybug

      I agree.I am mostly one at night.But one the weekends I am on most of the day.Well sometimes.

  6. My gallbladder is out and it went well.Glad to be home.Glad to have a week off.I cant drive for a week anyway.So I cant go to work.I kept some of the Gall stones.They are so cool looking.My mom is going to put a pic on Facebook.I might as well.Well I hope to be back on xbox again tomorrow.

  7. On monday I will be in the Hospital getting my gallblader taken out.I really hope every thing goes well and I dnt have to stay in hospital for to much longer afterwards.

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    2. KSI ladybug

      KSI ladybug

      I dnt know if they will let me do tht.And I hope to get well soon after


    3. KSI Spazbit

      KSI Spazbit

      ladybuggggg I know your getting this done right now. I wish you and grimmy the best and I hope everything goes perfectly smooth. We'll be waiting on you when you get back but don't hurry, take your time.

    4. KSI ladybug

      KSI ladybug

      thank you Spazbit

  8. Such a lond day and a long week.

  9. GrimReaper Went to his job today and he likes it alot.Im so happy he has a job

  10. Having an ok day.Kinda waiting for my results to come back

  11. Snowed in cant go to work.Yay for me but also bad for me.lol

  12. Babylon is doing great.We have 54 to 55 members.I also am working on getting the crown matches up and running.KSI mac n cheez is the tag holder for tht.Head hunters is taking a little log to get up and running put it will be soon.I have made an atempt to have try outs but there has only been like three or four show up.But I will have it up and rnning soon.Im so excited.Babylon is doing great.

  13. I figured out whts causing the headaches all week.I have been grinding my teeth at night every night.therfore I have been having a headache every day.ugh I need a way to stop grinding my teeth at night.

    1. ksixgrimreaperx


      Baby u have me to stop u


  14. This really sucks I have had a headache for a whole week none stop everday.Ugh wish it would go away.I hate headaches

    1. KSI QueenJess 7

      KSI QueenJess 7

      Get your blood pressure checked darling, don't mess with that stuff!

    2. KSI ladybug

      KSI ladybug

      Yeah i may have to do tht.I have tried every thing to get rid of it

  15. I mean 8 more recs to go before I get a hundred recs