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  1. Come on here one more time and watch. >…<

  2. It's your funeral. >....<

  3. Buttt it would be so much easier, UIC is like a landmark. Kinda.

  4. Beverly is in Chicago smartypants.

  5. Stop looking at me. 0:<

  6. Dear hangover, our relationship with each other needs to get better. You make me feel like ****.

  7. Buttttt you said you're already going to the city this weekend. Soooo, it would only make more sense for you to come to UIC instead of me going down there. Win.

  8. Why should I go to UIC? Maybe you should go to Beverly. Now what?

  9. Yes I was! And sadly no I won't be going to the Packers' slaughtering :(

  10. Were you really? Are you going next weekend?