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  1. I missed Bungie Humpday! :( did anyone get to play against bungie?

  2. why is life so interfering?

    1. KSI Nemesis

      KSI Nemesis

      every time i go to play XBL with KSI and maybe get some new recruits, someone either drops by or makes me go somewhere else! damn you life! damn you to hell!

  3. i feel like buying weighted clothing

    1. KSI Nemesis

      KSI Nemesis

      for kicks. make myself heavier makes me stronger

    2. Saint Hallowed

      Saint Hallowed

      always a good thing. just do a weight vest.

  4. I may not be online all the time but i'm mostly on the forums

    1. KSI Nemesis

      KSI Nemesis

      so keep note of that whoever has me on XBL

  5. super happy fun time!

    1. KSI Nemesis

      KSI Nemesis

      post whatever you want on here as long as it's within the KSI forum rules. i'm bored and i want to see people's reactions

  6. I like pie. what's yours? lol

  7. what is the meaning of life? lol

    1. KSI Nemesis

      KSI Nemesis

      i'm bored as hell. i will hopefully never have to pull an all-nighter again.

    2. KSI Sungazer 7

      KSI Sungazer 7

      Red vs Blue episode 1: why are we here? lol