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  1. Can't wait to do some Grillin' n Chillin'

  2. good job man. keep it up!

  3. Going to go cool off in the pool. See ya'll tonight!

  4. Glad to see ya on here Man!

  5. yeah i was and still am kinda emo exhausted from yesterday. you and poi are welcome to talk to me anytime and come to meetings if you like when they aren't on cod.cya

  6. + you on here. Yesterday was.. crazy to say the least ;/. the outcome was horrid. Glad you decided to stay around for your members. Just know that I am here to help with anything I can. I do not own the COD games, but as far as other things just KSI related I will do anything I can to assist. :] I'd like to get to know all you guys better now that I have a chance.

  7. tough decsions suck... In the end got to go with my gut.

    1. KSI Famine

      KSI Famine

      sometime you got to go with what in mind and heart and not the gut

    2. KSI Famine

      KSI Famine

      srry dude im bored

  8. Just feeling Thankfull!

  9. wishing my extender would hurry up and get here so i could get back on xbl.

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    2. KSI L3NGENDaRy

      KSI L3NGENDaRy

      im you new general. ill add you on live


    3. KSI L3NGENDaRy

      KSI L3NGENDaRy

      im you new general. ill add you on live


    4. KSI L3NGENDaRy

      KSI L3NGENDaRy

      and you seem on here alot. what rank are you?


  10. I miss XBL only a week or so to go before my part gets here. Just hope it works...

  11. ARGH! I miss u xbl. Stupid router...

    1. KSI W1cc3D 7

      KSI W1cc3D 7

      Sorry Herr... hope you get bacc soon