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  1. ;)

    1. Game 7
    2. Blasé


      send me a message when you get the chance B)

  2. RT @Xbox: RT for LIKE for KNUCKLES SONIC Echidna Hedgehog Red…

  3. Game 7

    Why did you join KSI?

    I wanted be the cool kid in breakfast club
  4. RT @KSIBiGBTKC: Kiss the butt of senior leaders daily, then snort your way to a shitbag community... Nice!

  5. He knows from personal experiences!
  6. Game 7

    2017 Superbowl Predictions

    E A G L E S EAGLES! 2004 we lost to the Pats, in 2017 we are giving the wake up call.
  7. Game 7

    Lost History

    Thanks Matt, always good to see you man. Stop by more.
  8. Pick up your child from school... Ask the police for directions. Play Twister Go trick or treating. Run hurdles. hug a priest Meet your girlfriends parents.
  9. @Bungie thank you for Halo 3 on this day 10 years ago, always redefining the direction the gaming industry goes in.

  10. Game 7

    Retired Leaders and VIPs

    YOU are disgusting.
  11. RT @CinchGaming: Adjusting our "Trigger Stops" is a Cinch! Shoot Quicker - Aim Faster https://t.co/1THKWPBKmi https://t.co/LfXCaoaoa3

  12. RT @KSIGlobal: "...how much time I truly wasted in this Community... Totally worth it." - Bulltrue #Bulltruespeakstrue #ksiglobal

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  14. We will always stand by this concept @KSIGlobal #Gaming https://t.co/vlydYo7VPq