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    Interested in football, baseball, wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts. i am currently very busy with cage fighting, and i normally have fights every 5-6 months of each other.

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  1. Thanks Ksi for letting me apart of the KSI family. I am very exited to be here, and am fully aware of what, and how KSI works. So i am very exited so play with everyone on the KSI HELFIRE squad. Have fun, kick butt, and take names. :P

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    2. I am FuzzyMeep™
    3. Saint Hallowed

      Saint Hallowed

      Welcome to KSI We are here to just have fun and play games.

    4. KSI Eureka

      KSI Eureka

      Im the general of Hellfire. You seem like an awesome member, You going to attend our Head Hunter Tryouts?