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  1. Watching the history channel this is very intresting! xD

    1. KSI BLaMe KaRmA

      KSI BLaMe KaRmA

      Im learning about the bohimeon club

  2. I'm glad they do bro. Dont get caught up in the drama or BS we deal with daily, stick around for a while, get up in clanops, and you'll be sitting with many similiar awards soon.

  3. Man you have alot off achievements on the fourms and awards that inspires me haha im serous tho

  4. ouchhh braces hurt

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    2. KSI BLaMe KaRmA

      KSI BLaMe KaRmA

      haa yeah spacers wernt that bad afther awhile haa but when i irst got my braces on whcich is the date i posted this they sucked hahaha i could hardly eat an stuff haha

    3. KSI ShodowKillz1

      KSI ShodowKillz1

      dude ikr obey hate spacers just got mine off


    4. KSI BLaMe KaRmA

      KSI BLaMe KaRmA

      haa dude you had a total differnt kind of spacers shodow haa rember we talked about this haaa

  5. Time for gym hopfully it goes well with my sore mouth ha

  6. My mouth is hurting from spacers hahaha at school bored

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    2. KSI BLaMe KaRmA
  7. lets go gaming before appointment XD

  8. Uhhhh got Madden 11 last night same with some cloths