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  1. Apoc 7

    Lost History

    Xakutioner did the same for me pretty much my second go around, good guy except when he went crazy on Adidas. He's still pretty crazy I talk to him every now and then. We went through a ton of websites, I think I still have some gfx I did for sites we made a little bit before you came around. It's funny how drastically KSI changes year to year.
  2. Apoc 7

    Back To My Roots

  3. Apoc 7

    KSI Nimble's Gaming PC

    Even from just those specs, lol if you're gaming on that what are you playing?
  4. Apoc 7

    Best Language to Learn for Online Applications?

    Java's syntax is horrible, if you're looking for web applications then Javascript is the way to go and quite easier then Java.
  5. Apoc 7

    Kalem's Return

    Yea I'm still around in some capacity I'm the CAO of some website and the resident annoying fact checker here.
  6. Apoc 7

    Kalem's Return

    I was in that FS thing once upon a time
  7. Apoc 7

    KSI Halo Pro Team

    Would love to see a pro team actually go somewhere
  8. Apoc 7

    Blacklisting non KSI memeber for Cheating?

    The only case of a modder getting blacklisted, was back in 2006 in SO when a modder of private matches hung around our members all the time and modded games for them and hung around on these forums for a while. Adidas had him blacklisted at the time, the guy was a nice guy, but we've always had a stance of no game altering in any form. I've never heard of anyone blacklisted for just modding in public games and not associated with us in any way, but back when people modded halo 2 we would have had to blacklist like 1/4 of Xbox live.
  9. Apoc 7


    So cool
  10. Apoc 7

    Should Big Bt have Story Time?

    I vote yes weekly, you should ask him about spider getting stuck behind the bed at MLG Chicago cracks me up every time.
  11. Apoc 7

    Old member new face

    Oops I'm back again anyone remember that time certified hit all the fuzzy KSI's people offline with his host booter? No? oh well I totally do. I'm really done posting this time I promise
  12. Apoc 7

    Old member new face

    Whoop guys let's make up stuff about people that we don't like, you all remember that time certified kicked a member out because he said certified was sexy? Also, I'm leaving this topic I'm totally done posting I won't ever post in here again I promise
  13. Apoc 7

    Old member new face

    I haven't trolled this site yet, but since you want me to be a troll I'll show you a ****ing troll.
  14. Apoc 7

    Old member new face

    I hereby declare this section of the forums King Certified 7's official domain anyone who here forth posts shall be excommunicated forever by the almighty power of our one and true king and god Certified.
  15. Apoc 7

    Old member new face

    The example is rags, to praise the almighty king of the forums at all times and never have a differing opinion as he. Anyone who shall forth do such shall be told to leave!