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  1. Why do people from other squads/Divisions that i have never met or heard of add my on xbox live?

    1. KSI QueenJess 7

      KSI QueenJess 7

      Because your gt is KSI Ragnoroks and it's very close to our Mod on here. :) we told you this since day one. lol

    2. Fenrirq


      It did not have a s... And i changed it lol

  2. (MATURE CONTENT WARNING)Religion is like a penis. It's nice to have one but you can't just whip it out in public and shove it down strangers throats..

  3. LS is where its at!

  4. Metal Founder? Party time!!!!!!

  5. Wow... I never thought i would be blessed with such an awesome squad. You guys rock.

  6. I love how it still says your over hell fire :P

  7. You should get in the wrath chat. Activity on the forums is great for the soul!

  8. Keep active on the forums and you will make me a very happy person lol... Not to mention how much information you can get from being on here alot.

  9. Welcome to the forums hopefully i will see you alot on here.

  10. KSI Wrath LS thats whats up!

  11. Things couldnt be going better. I feel like a proud father.

  12. Legacy lets step up and split. Its about time we show everyone what we can do.

  13. Legacy lets step up and split. Its about time we show everyone what we can do.

  14. Metal Cofo. Heeeeellllll yeeeeeaaahhhh

  15. I think some SH and LS should get together and rock out some halo reach sometime. Because lets face it. That would be epic.