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    I play xbox all day And I Hope SomeDay To Become MLG

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  1. Hey my internet went off so i am going to be on KSI global okay man sorry

  2. So Do We Have Any Clan Meetings Today Or Is It Some Other Day

  3. yeah ive already nominated you

  4. Hey I Used To Be Part Of HeadHunters So Do I Get Award For That Or No

  5. U are the owner for now Hahaha

  6. Hey he just got another one so Hahaha

  7. I am going to do a lot of stuff for defcon so and try to see how it goes

  8. Hey man its KSI CaBoOsEs but my thing is KSI forever

  9. Welcome to KSI global how do u like it ^_^

  10. I hope we can be friends but can u talk to me on xboxlive please man ^_^

  11. What To See If I Can Promote A Clan Member

    1. Ksi forever

      Ksi forever

      Best divison is defcon so

  12. I Am ThinkIng About Playing MW2 FOR NOW ON JKJK