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  1. Trying to get back in, been way too long. I miss how much fun it was being in KSI, not excited to work my way up again though lol

  2. KSI FlashFunk

    Been 2 years...

    Been about 2 years since ive been in KSI, my gt was KSI FlashFunk, anyone happen to remember me lol I started out in RI(Ruthless Intentions) Made it up too umm a liuetenant spent about 6 months in that divison Got a transfer too SF(Semper Fi) spent about 5 months in SF made it up to a General well was suppose to be a General, thats why I left. Havent been in it since. Any questions just ask...
  3. Bored only slept like 5 hours uuugh!!!!