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  1. just got gamelfy...clear my schedule for the rest of my life :P

  2. Havoc024


    the remade creations that you all already had ive changed them to abide by copyrights so here you guys go ^^ the HVC logo is something i have used to mark my work for a long time now it is an abbreviation of Havoc for those who wondered
  3. that moment when you wish to god luci would sign on

  4. that awkward moment when your girlfriends mom makes you dinner and you puke it up 5 minutes after eating it :/

  5. ever have those moments when you wish so bad that luci would just party bomb a party?

  6. in case you didnt know, IM BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. *wonders why im not on the list of important people in your life* lol jkjk

  8. i miiss everyone not having xbox is killing me i miss everyone even luci haha :P

  9. Hey Havoc you on? I was gonna ask if you wanted to play but seeing as your in tennesse i dont think ull be on soon.

  10. im going out of town for a month so if anyone needs me contact me on here and ill get back to you ^_^

  11. You do art hit me up on facebook.com/ksinatas7 I got lots of art needs

  12. You do art hit me up on facebook.com/ksinatas7 I got lots of art needs

  13. my mind is about fried from all the work ive had to do. i wont be making any sigs for a few days but i still will accept requests and i will add you to my list

  14. im at six "7s" that have viewed me now

  15. That even more awkward moment whe you look at your r"ecent visitors" and see five different 7s